ESCAPE PLANS by David Sakmyster

Escape Plans by David Sakmyster
Escape Plans by David Sakmyster

From the author of Blindspots and the Morpheus Initiative Series, comes a creepy (ok, horrifying) collection of 19 short stories to keep you up at night.  Now, I’ve made it clear in the past that I am not a fan of collections, as stories are usually mashed together with no rhyme or reason, with only one or two stories that are worth reading.

This is not the case with David Sakmyster’s Escape Plans. From the very first story, “Ladders,” to the last (Smithsonian Objective), the collection flowed well and each story was better than the one previous.  Some that stand out to me are, Five Star Review, which literally made me cry (it hit home), Bait (nothing like a meaty zombie tale), For Sale and, oh hell, they all leave a mark in their own way.

Once again Sakmyster shows his horror chops and gives some of the best a run for their money.  I especially liked the way he introduced each story, their inspiration and where they originally appeared.
I dare you to read this and sleep with the lights off.

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