Welcome to The Novel Blog


Welcome to the New Novel Blog!

Join Rachelle Bronson, Peter Mark May and Daniel Boucher as they worm their way through piles of mediocrity and steaming poo slush to find you, my dear friend, the cream of the crop reads, worthy of your time.

Not since the invention of the internet has there been anything more important for you than to have access to our humble thoughts on yesterday’s and today’s author greats.

Look, we know you’re busy and that when you finally have a moment to sit down and read, the last thing you want to do is wade through piles and piles of crap in hopes of finding something that floats to the surface and doesn’t stink. This is where we come in, as together, the three of us strive to shine a light on some of the best reads out there and offer you correct opinions in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a coffee, beer or glass a wine and let’s do this!


We tell shit stuff like it is. We kiss our mothers with these mouths and we’re damn proud of it. If you offend easily, don’t like our french, believe in participation trophies, the tooth fairy, honest lawyers, or like to share memes about the breakdown of society, please, visit something more your speed here.

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