THE TENT by Kealan Patrick Burke

THE TENT by Kealan Patrick Burke

THE TENT by Kealan Patrick Burke

Mike has all his hopes at saving his marriage and his family on this one little camping trip. Take the wife and son to a remote location, where they can all bond and maybe rekindle a romance that years of neglect have eroded. When their tent blows away in a storm, forcing them into the dark and wet wildness to find refuge, Mike finds out what his wife really thinks of him. As their fight escalates, neither seems to notice when their son goes missing in the dense underbrush.

Frantic they plunge deeper into the forest and only stop when they encounter a strange tent glowing in the darkness. Hoping against hope that their son is inside, they move to open it. But their son is nowhere to be found. Something else awaits them.

The Tent is a tight and fast paced short that leaves you breathless and truly disgusted. Which is exactly what you expect from Burke. His depth of character for such a short story had me quite impressed and taking notes. If you’re looking for a truly good old-fashion creature feature, The Tent is the one for you. And you might want to leave the lights on when heading to bed.

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