Walking Alone by Bentley Little
Walking Alone by Bentley Little

Walking Alone is a fun collection of twenty-seven short stories written by Bentley Little. While not all of the stories are what I would call stellar, there are a few that stand out that I’ll mention here.

The first story to stick with me after reading was SNOW. For me, this is hands down the BEST story in the collection. After all, who doesn’t appreciate killer snowmen?

Last Rodeo on the Circuit is another creeper that hangs around long after you’ve read it. How do you make the last rodeo of the year stand out from the rest? Bentley may have an idea or two.

The Mall. This one is simply a fun ghost story with perhaps a little bit of a message for its readers. While not the scariest ( did I mention Snow? ), it is definitely one of the better stories.

The Man Who Watched Cartoons. Is just messed up. This is a story that you’ll either love or hate. Regardless, it will haunt you.

The Smell of Overripe Loquats is probably my second favorite in the collection. What happens when kids lose faith in God and decide to make their own? Good grades, new bikes, a happier life is what. But at what cost?

The collection is nice, contains a few stories not previously published, and will make for a nice addition on any Bentley fan’s shelf, but, if I’m to be honest, once I reached the stories written in 2016 and later, they became quick to forget.

Grade: C+

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