Malice by Lisa Clark O’Neill


MALICE by Lisa Clark O’Neill

A Russian immigrant with ties to organized crime is dead.   Brutally executed, it’s Savannah FBI agent Jesse Wellington’s job to find the killer. Only problem is the #1 suspect is Jillian Montgomery, his partner’s friend. Jillian has a history with law enforcement, she’s petrified of them and doesn’t trust them, which means Jesse needs to go undercover, deceiving her in order to gather the evidence he needs.  There’s only one problem, he may be falling for her.

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Welcome to The Novel Blog

Welcome to the New Novel Blog!

Join Rachelle Bronson, Peter Mark May and Daniel Boucher as they worm their way through piles of mediocrity and steaming poo slush to find you, my dear friend, the cream of the crop reads, worthy of your time.

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